The Skin You Live In

Are You Racially Attractive?

That’s a tough question for most people to answer. When we think about what makes us attractive, we rarely consider that our comfort level with people of other races can make or break a new friendship or business partnership. The good news is that anyone can learn to become racially attractive! A racially attractive person makes others feel comfortable around them even if their skin is different.

In his new book, The Skin You Live In, Dr. David Ireland offers tools to help you embrace the relationships God wants you to enjoy—no matter what skin color people come in. Dr. Ireland, a noted diversity consultant and founding pastor of a 8,000-member, multicultural church, skillfully combines Scripture, academic research, humor, and over 25 years experience to help you:

  • Create authentic cross-race friendships
  • Overcome the pain of past prejudice
  • Lead multicultural teams
  • Help others embrace diversity

In Luke 10:27, Jesus Christ gives us His mandate to live cross-culturally with the words, “love your neighbor as much as you love yourself”. The Skin You Live In is a must read if you want coaching in learning how to live a more successful cross-cultural life.

“…spending time with Dr. Ireland I gained insight into the depth of God’s Word, the character of our Savior, and the nature of our Father. A trait I have found in only a handful of others.”
Kurt Warner, Former NFL Quarterback
NFL Network Analyst
“Dr. Ireland’s unique knowledge of how human beings learn to build trust across cultural lines helped coach incoming NBA rookies to develop cross-cultural skills, which helped them to better connect with fellow players.”
Purvis Short, Director
The NBA Rookie Transition Program
How Do You Build Real Cross-Cultural Friendships?

From the very first chapter, The Skin You Live In will humorously and skillfully help you to step out of your cultural comfort zone to allow people of different races into your personal life. Comfort zones restrict your view and limit your growth. Through personal coaching strategies Dr. Ireland will help you develop comfort in connecting with people of other races and cultures.

involving or bridging the differences between cultures; actions or speech that transcend the walls of any one particular culture.

The Skin You Live In

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Share your cross-cultural story

  • Are you racially attractive? Why?

  • How did you overcome the pain of prejudice?

  • Can you describe the multicultural team
    that you’re a part of or lead?

  • How has The Skin You Live In impacted you?