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The Meaning of the Cross

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6 Responses

  1. Sandra

    The cross I carry daily reminds me that someone took my place, my reproach, my condemnation, so that I can be in right standing with God the father through Jesus.
    Amazing love, how can this be, that thou my God shouldst die for me.
    Oh perfect redemption, the purchase of God. To every believer, the promise of God. The vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon receives. Praise the Lord. I will never forget the cross.

  2. Pamela

    “Denying myself and taking up my cross daily” has become a very meaningful way of life in my Christian journey.

    I have understood this passage of Scripture as two of the key principles in my walk of following the LORD.

    The first key is to daily and humbly grow in my “vertical relationship” with God. Through prayer and the reading of the Scriptures, I purpose to seek His face, trust & acknowledge Him in all my ways. The second key is to now strive to actively live out that which I’ve learned in that “vertical relationship”, through my “horizontal relationships” with others.

    In order to live by the principles of “this cross” of loving God with all of my heart, mind, soul & strength AND loving my neighbor as myself – it involves a painful “crucifying of my flesh by denying myself”. The flesh, being those willful tendencies within me, which rise up often to look out unfortunately for only me, myself & I.

  3. Lucille

    Thanks for focusing on Simon of Cyrene’s possible perspective. Is it not what our perspective and response should be today? Are we not identified with Christ? Aren’t there multiple opportunities for reproach by others who entertain different world views? Oh, the peace we enjoy when we deny self and willingly choose to identify with Christ. What love Christ has for us! Perhaps Simon got the opportunity to realize this- after the fact.

  4. Pam Brima

    The cross reminds me that I have been bought with a price; Jesus loved me just that much that He gave His life.
    In becoming more Christ-like, the cross serves as a reminder that it is no longer my will but it is that of the Father. No man comes to the Father except by me (John 14:6).

  5. Joyce

    The cross I carry each day reminds me of God’s Great Love for me. In His innocence, Jesus paid a debt I could never pay. He was the perfect sacrificial Lamb of God, who took away my sins. Although He died for the sins of the world, I can only speak for myself. I am truly thankful when I take daily communion in my home, of what Jesus did for me. He Divinely exchanged His life for my new life in Him, His suffering for my Healing, His brokenness for my wholeness. Only in Christ, can I truly love others. Thank you Jesus for laying your life down for me.

  6. Faith

    Pastor David,

    Thank you for that word. The Cross, to me, is the constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice of love that Jesus made for the world from His heart. He was without sin, and yet, He took my sins and the sins of the world – for generations to come – upon His back. Thankfulness flood my heart when I reflect on this selfless act of compassion and mercy. I’m assured that I’m truly loved by God. Hallelujah! What an amazing display of TRUE LOVE! So glad and thankful each day that He made a way for us to enjoy redemption. Thank you Lord!!!

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