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  1. Pam Brima

    Dear Pastor Ireland: I rec’d a call to preach and teach the gospel of our Lord over 9 yrs. ago. With no encouragement,I placed myself in circles that I was able to gleam from but have remained passive-that is until the preaching seminar brochure began to show up in my e-mail every couple of days. I want you to know I have had this on my mind constantly. God had not let me rest. Finally, Sunday 5/21, I signed up. I am way out of my comfort zone but since He called me I am expecting Him to show up. I also know that He used your timely messages to impact my decision. I’m taking the promise off of the table. Thank you.

  2. I finally wrote the book I have had in my spirit for decades now. It is called “Keep Smiling, Standing Strong”, on amazon.com, and I am told it is a blessing to the body of Chirist. Now the Lord is telling me to get busy with a play I started over 7 years ago with another writer. No more delays. It great to know I can make a difference, and that God has called all of us to make one in the lives of others.
    Thanks for your motivation, Dr. Ireland.

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