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1795573_691080157664221_2914900406615419304_nI am grateful to have garnered over 25 years of extensive experience in addressing national and international audiences in over 40 nations including Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany, India, Cuba, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Latin America.

I speak to both large and small audiences providing didactic and challenging messages inspiring target paradigm shifts and accompanying actions.

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My Experience

With audiences ranging from the National Basketball Association’s Rookies Transition Program, the New York Giants and New York Jets football teams, to the United States Pentagon, universities, church and leadership conferences worldwide, I speak to a range of issues and needs in widely diversified environments.

I also regularly address government leaders in my role as an appointed member of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Faith-Based Initiatives and Advisory Board to New Jersey Governor’s Safe Streets and Neighborhoods Oversight Committee. And, as a board member, I address the boards of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary, and several non-profit management groups. The topic of governance and board development is a subject I’m frequently called up by organizational executives to provide consultation.

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My Promise To You

As your keynote and commencement program speaker I promise you:

  1. Far-reaching and intellectually stimulating messaging aimed at fostering social and organizational responsibility.
  2. Prompt, contract-honoring, and professional attention to your needs and requests.
  3. A spiritually transforming message that cuts across denominations, racial, education, and gender barriers. I try to speak in a way that everyone can benefit from the message.
  4. Targeted and inspiring presentations tailored to your organizational needs.
  5. An appropriate balance of informative storytelling, scholarly application and humor.
  6. Relevant messaging and sensitivity to your organization’s achievements as well as its historical, cultural, fundraising, and restorative needs.

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Requesting My Availability

Like you, my schedule gets filled quickly. It’s important to plan ahead when requesting me as a keynote speaker at your leadership conferences, commencement programs, churches, and corporate training sessions.

The best way to reach me is by contacting me through one of the below links.

To request my availability for your upcoming event click here.

If you have questions or would like more information simply contact my assistant via e-mail.

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Here’s what a few leaders have said about my writings or presentation to their organizations:

New Book Release

Raising a Child Who Prays: Teaching Your Family the Power of Prayer

In a society that is quickly abandoning its biblical standards, parents can create an effortless culture in their home that lends itself to the spiritual development of their child.

David Ireland, known for his dynamic teachings on prayer, provides a framework that helps parents elevate their prayer life, then parents can pass along the secrets to their little ones so they too may become spiritual giants over time.

Parents will be equipped with practical exercises, sample prayers, and developmentally appropriate mentoring plans that will encourage their children to pray effectively now and into adulthood.