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DDI_11In today’s economy, a major challenge to business success is developing and retaining leaders who can meet new and ever-changing demands. My leadership consulting services are designed to strengthen the emerging and existing leaders within your organization towards sustainable and progressive success.

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What is Leadership Development?

DDI_9Leadership development is a process by which individuals and groups undergo a series of training sessions aimed at broadening their leadership skills usually to benefit the organization where they are employed. As your leadership consultant, I offer leadership development tools aimed at advancing the effectiveness of leaders at various levels of the organization.

The exact format of my consulting with your organization can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether hosting a one-day seminar, a two- or three-day event, or a yearlong contractual agreement centered on a specific theme, meeting the stated objective will be my primary focus. If what you’re looking for is a mentoring approach to your development as an executive leader, perhaps you should explore my coaching program.

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My Experience

 Speaking in Seoul, South Korea

Speaking in Seoul, South Korea

My experience includes a lifetime commitment to quality executive leadership in an organizational environment representing over 40 different nationalities.  I have an earned Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University’s School of Global Leadership and completed post-doctoral work in non-profit management at The University of Pennsylvania. As your leadership development consultant, I bring over 25 years in highly visible positions requiring community relations, fundraising, broadcast and press expertise.

My background includes effectively motivating and directing a multi-tiered staff of professionals, volunteers, and consultants through an emphasis of character development within a diverse environment.  Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Improving Leadership Performance
  • Goal Setting
  • Establishing a Life Development Plan
  • Sustainable Change Leadership
  • Strategic Diversity Planning
  • Church Growth & Pastoral Ministry
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Government and Community Relations
  • Board Selection & Board Development
  • Governance & Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Succession Planning
  • Crisis Management

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My Promise To You?

As your leadership consultant I promise to provide:

  1. Development strategies and systems customized to your organization’s needs.
  2. Leadership approaches derived from a broad array of scholars and their best practices.
  3. Results-oriented development and skill-building exercises aligned to organizational objectives.
  4. High Performance team leadership and development strategies designed to increase effectiveness.
  5. Focused and concentrated assessment and interpretation of organizational values, structures, culture, and change requirements.
  6. Customized crisis-management aimed at restoring leadership integrity and trust.

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Requesting My Leadership Consulting Services

I’m genuinely honored whenever my leadership consulting services are requested. Leadership is a vital pillar in my life, ministry, church, and affiliate organizations. Allow the 25 years-plus of experience and acumen I have acquired to support you and/or your team as group sessions are available. Click the button below that most closely reflects your consideration of my leadership consultation services.

To request my leadership consulting services click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact my assistant via e-mail.

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New Book Release


One in Christ: Bridging Racial & Cultural Divides

As America grows increasingly brown, the Church must be equipped to interact on a cross-cultural level organically. It cannot be mandated like civil rights laws or equal employment requirements. Racial reconciliation must naturally emanate from us just like little children learn to walk and talk. Youngsters naturally want to get up and move about on both feet. As their little chubby legs grow stronger, their eagerness to stand upright also grows. To speed the process along, parents coach, coax, and encourage the natural practice. This same practice is what Dr. Ireland does in One in Christ in the arena of diversity.

Warmth, regard, and respect emanated from Jesus toward others—all others. Part of His allure was the fact He was comfortable in His own skin. That made others who approached Him comfortable in their skin. This quality fuels the deconstruction of walls—tearing down the barriers that keep us apart. The beauty is, this quality can be learned. In fact, at the cellular structure of Christianity is the ability to be cross-cultural. The Great Commission proclaims it. Jesus said, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). The word nation is the Greek word ethnos, where we derive the English word ethnic. In essence, the last charge Jesus gave His followers was to become cross-cultural ambassadors. This is not optional! We must become racially accommodating.

Regnery Faith (March 26, 2018)
150 pages | $24.99
One in Christ