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Fool-Proofing Your Life, Part II

How do you spot a fool?

A fool in your life can cause a lot of damage, so learn how to spot them, and when you do, run!



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  1. Elizabeth

    Jesus didn’t run from fools, he confronted them, when needed too do so. Jesus purpose with the father was to do what the Father do… to save the foolishness of men by changing his heart restoring the faith, to a more holy way of thinking, lifestyle and living…..you and I, at one point in our past life, before being called was fools in God’s sight, to love is, to love the souls that God love and rebukes and pray for the soul those He love, He Discipline, and those he discipline He love. God wont ever leave you or forsake you, or run away, So why not continual to teach as Christ example: At the same time it is wise to pray for our brother and sister in Christ, and all in need, yet, see beyond what others can’t see, never giving up, while there is life there is hope even when others have given up…Stand! Let them run, don’t run, for the word of God is our best armor and a weapon, and we are tought to stand, running a race that no one will enter first or last all shall enter together, defeat’s the walk in faith, and it’s wonderful journey with helping others stand Firm in Christ Jesus, AMEN! The power of love, and Grace will make all foolishness flee, the word of God and the power of the holy spirit, will do it;s work lets just get out the way and let God do His work through the Holy Spirit, through us when foolishness arise, for ages and time will teach us to STAND. And the
    must flee!

  2. Susan SwiftAyers

    Will purrchase foolproof series
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  3. Tosin

    I thinks it will be wise to deal with a fool from arms length. Running within this context probably means keep a distance, while praying for a fool. Foolishness is contagious, and can disrupt your Christian journey. Thanks Dr Ireland for sharing.

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