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What if the coach, or leader, wants to change your position?

What are you good at, and what are you not?

A leader or coach should be able to spot the strengths and weaknesses of individuals on his or her team. How open are you to finding what your abilities and weaknesses are? Do you trust your leader’s judgment when he or she makes an adjustment? Learn how being flexible is important so you may be effective.



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  1. Angelina Rivera-Sharp

    Interesting Dr. Ireland! I can attest to this on several levels. Recently our Management Leadership Team at the Judiciary, which consists of our Presiding Judge, Trial Court Administrator and our Chiefs or Managers, got together and decided that they wanted to do what is called Inter-Divisional switches within the Judiciary. This means that they were looking to switch around Team Leader/Supervisors from within the different Divisions to lead/supevise different work functions of our Organization. Their vision was to create a more vibrant, fresh atmosphere within the Divisions where leaders could be more effective in their gifts as leaders in different areas, while providing Management with the opportunity to see how new leaders operate in these new places. Initially they were looking for volunteers. If no volunteers came forth, then the switches would be random and in doing this some leaders would be taken out of their comfort zones, reluctantly. Well, when I heard about this new switch, I was interested, as I am interested in learning new things and felt that this was a good time to learn something new about my organization. I had been in my current position for 12 years and felt I had mastered it and wanted to learn something new and exciting. I have served the Judiciary for a total of 23 years and knew it was time to move around. So the opportunity that presented itself was timely. I had just shared with my present manager that I felt stagnant in my present role and wanted to add to my responsibilities as I felt I was becoming somewhat, bored. I was offered nothing in return. So I prayed to God first for direction and then had a conversation with a Manager about the changes. I then spoke to my TCA to get a better perspective and then threw my hat in the ring as one who was interested. Little did I know, there was a second leader who shared my same interest, so within a week or two, Upper Management made some decisions and selected myself and the other leader to be the first to make the switch. I will now be leading a team in our Criminal Division and the other leader will be coming into our Probation Division. Upon learning my new role, I felt I was way out of my comfort zone. I am being coached into a whole new set of functions, a whole new world, literally! I am learning new things about myself in the process, taking from my past work experiences, honing in on new ways of leading that will be much different than what I am used to. I trust the Management Leadership team as I know they had to decide if we were the right fit for our new Divisions and given our work ethic and many years in the Judiciary, I know they made the right choice. This also rings true in my family life, I have had to readjust my role as wife and mother, to single mother after being divorced several years ago. That was a tough transition. I have been coached and still receive guidance and instruction on how to maintain my family. Performing my new role has had its twists and turns and I am learning what I am good at and what I am poor at. I trust the Leadership Coaches who are helping me. I know that if I do it by myself without learning from those who are more experienced than me, I may miss the mark on building a strong, healthy family unit.

    Dr. Ireland this was thought provoking! Thanks for much needed insight!


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