The Weapon of Prayer: Maximize Your Greatest Strategy Against the Enemy

Whenever the Bible referenced a satanic attack, Jesus countered it with prayer.  Of course, as the Son of God, He had a wealth of ammunition to fight off His adversary. There were many instances where Jesus could have easily enlisted the help of angels, but He knew that prayer was enough!  

All too often we look elsewhere when prayer is a potent and ready weapon against all danger.  This weapon will give you access to God’s entire storehouse while making you a victorious warrior.

Charisma House (August 4, 2015)
224 pages | $14.99
The Weapon of Prayer

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Leadership Consulting

Leadership Consulting

Are your leadership skills and gifts being maximized?
Guest Lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Madison, NJ)

Guest Lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Madison, NJ)

In today’s economy, a major challenge to business success is developing and retaining leaders who can meet new and ever-changing demands. My leadership consulting services are designed to strengthen the emerging and existing leaders within your organization towards sustainable and progressive success.

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5 Reasons Christians Should Be Generous

Sharing is one of the most important — albeit most difficult — habits parents can instill in their young children. The toddler clings to his toy while snapping at anyone within striking distance: “Mine! It’s mine!”

Apparently, God faces the same dilemma with his children. Christians in the United States now give about 2.5 percent of their income to the ministries of their church, down from 3.3 percent during the Great Depression, according to an Oxford University Press study called Passing the Plate.

Why is generosity such a hard lesson to learn? Understanding the five reasons Christians should be generous will, hopefully, shorten the learning curve.

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